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June 14, 2009


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On turning 55 today, I hear you. I rushed to grow up. So, now I'm grown up....so,....

Every day and every region offer the opportunity for "kid" joy days. I only feel that time slows when I make one of those kid joy days. Could I remember to make more of them? Bonnie Raite sings of losing time. I call my husband to tell him I love him whenever I hear that song. I feel the kid joy when he and I are together.

BTW, I used to fly when I was a little girl. Both in dreams and during the day, I could fly. Kimmy, my best friend, and I would catch butterflies in our hands. They would leave dust when we released them. That's how we flew.

I recently asked her if she still flew. She said not much, but she planned to. So do I. CalGal

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