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April 09, 2008


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I really want to purchase one of these as I travel for extended periods of time and am incoherent without my morning espresso. However I've searched the net far and wide and cannot locate any place that actually sells these. Any idea where I can buy one and have it shipped to US?


hox, contact bialetti at the number listed on their website:

It's easily available in Italy, so you might be able to ask to have the USA divsion get one shipped from the main italian division.

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D A Zkool

As an Italian living in the Netherlands I need a good cup of coffee...and at home I got a Nespresso Machine and an old style moka. Currently in my office we have a bad, horrible Nescafe coffee machine...so I'll definetly try this electrical version :) . I'll let you know the outcome :))

Giulio Grasso
Amsterdam (NL)

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I have been travelling with this machine the past 5 years. It went from Bali to Colombia, from South Africa to Finland. The first thing I pack when I travel. Great coffee every morning, anywhere.

I just ordered a new one, the travel set, the base is a bit cracked, and it is getting slow, but it stil works.

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