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April 14, 2008


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bad home cook

And? Nu?! I want to hear more details! I wanna purge too! Although I used to try and fast with my girlfriends way back in high school, and invariably I'd end up shivering on the couch, with my dad trying to spoon-feed me orange juice and lecturing me on why skinny people like us shouldn't fast like the rest of them....
I think now I have the body fat for a nice purge...


I have detoxed. Once. The results were good (clearer skin, a bit of weight loss), but oh---the caffeine withdrawal gave me such headaches. And I missed my favorite foods like crazy. And, of course, I went back to my evil ways and slowly worked back up to my 3-cup-a-day coffee habit. Still, your post is inspiring me to try again.

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