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January 06, 2010


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The Healthy Librarian

I'd take the lifestyle of your friends in Seattle & down South any day, over the big money high stress NY scene. In fact--these 2 families sound like folks I'd like to know. Yes to Ira Glass, strong coffee, and compost heaps. No to shag carpet.

Good point about the fact that they bought their homes at a reasonable cost, way back when, and paid for school when it cost much less, way back when.

It was so much easier for my generation--low cost education--hardly anyone saddled with the debt of today--both in their education & homes.

Love your blog!!



Just checking in ... have you guys abandoned this blog? Your entries are missed!


based on how it looks, i find it rather hard to believe that there aren't a great deal of money looks amazing though.

Black jacket

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