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August 28, 2009


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Welcome back, BurbMom! We missed you. :-) Love the lessons learned, especially the bit about books feeding the mind and soul, but one question: How then to explain how a friend of mine just came back from two weeks in Italy, where all she ate was pasta and veggies, and drank wine everyday, and yet came back five pounds lighter? She doesn't think carbs are the culprit, but does think traveling makes you far more active. Plus, she didn't drink as much coffee and didn't snack all the time on junk because, as she puts it, "the food's much better quality there."


Did she drink coffee, as well? It's so much better there (and is a good appetite suppressant), and word is that Italian ladies simply have a shot of espresso when they feel like snacking.

Agree it's also walking. Portion size, too. Even comparing the size of a "tall" in Starbucks Beijing vs. US -- we get double doses of everything here, a diabolical plot by the food companies to increase profits! Grrrr!

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