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July 25, 2009


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Ugh ... words cannot express the deep loathing I feel for this woman. Only this can: http://dlisted.com/node/32769

Seriously, though, the last thing I want is this pretentious twit telling me how to live. Someone stop her. Please.


I have to agree -- I watched this without audio (long story). Spotless shirt, spotless house, maid to clean up, I'm sure; hardly simple living. Would that she had stuffed her mouth with sage and garlic instead of the bird.


the green, in the life essential joyful, after joyful often is first painstakingly, sweet, not wrong, so long as has experienced the repeated difficulties, to, will always meet finally the rainbow. the green, it is after the human is defeated only will then appear, also will be painstakingly astringent, for human pressure, however, so long as everything thought toward the advantage, it slowly will vanish.

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