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April 13, 2009


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Burbmom -- Re: scooping -- you can scoop the waste into paper bags, rather than plastic (it's all clumped anyway). Re -- scoopable litter -- I asked my vet (a cat specialist) about the risks -- they use it at his office and it's safe. I tried some of the environmentally correct litter (and one of my friends swears by the wood pellets). The mess and the smell were not good for my sanity. At the end of the day, the clumping litter keeps me sane (and keeps my house from smelling like my cats). A couple of my friends have recommended the silicon litter (the reusable stuff).

Gizmo G.




Burbmom - Good for you for rescuing! Good for you for working to acclimate your kitties! Good for you for being "green." To many cats are abandoned and abused here where I live. You have earned three points in pet owners' heaven.

Suggestion: dry food. Less fat, less water, cheaper, and better for their teeth. You can recycle the box. You can make your own cat food if you have nothing else in the world to do. That way - no cardboard. Right! Dry food won't make them poop less, but it may be less smelly.

Think of it this way, humans pollute so much more and for a longer life span than pets. Don't sweat it. Just enjoy your kitties.

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