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January 29, 2009


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L on the Cape

First, I'd like to inform all of BurbMom's readers that indeed, it IS exhausting. Try shopping with the woman.

But onto the topic at hand. To entice shoppers to cross the threshold last week, TJ Maxx advertised a one day sale of 15% off everything in the store, including sale items. A colleague and I slipped out for a long lunch. But although I trolled the regular aisles (shoes, undergarments, the Willi what's-his-name brand, and household), I couldn't bring myself to buying anything that 1) I didn't want last week when it was already fairly affordable or 2) something I don't need. It was excruciating, not only enduring the extraordinary disarray, but as BurbMom said, being overwhelmed by the crappy quality hanging limply on the racks. Ugh. Good thing I got laid off. All I need now are sweats and pajamas.


I completely agree... today I went into Carter's to look at their new spring dresses for girls... they were already ALL marked down half price... The entire racks... half price... what happens when ALL these stores just disappear?

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