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August 26, 2008


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Yikes. And I thought I was alone in braving "adventurous" food imposed by parents.

The glop you describe above matches my recollection of my mom's "American Chop Suey." Not something I remember fondly.

How about Cannibal Sandwiches? Raw ground beef mixed with red onion and served on rye bread. This, or the alternative--TV dinners--were served up when the parents were heading out for a night of Holly Golightly-kinda fun.

And who can look back at the 70s without remembering Pillsbury Food Sticks and Zarex?! Or was that an East Coast thing?

Jersey Girl

What the heck is/are Zarex?! Poor you! Doesn't sound appetizing. Speaking of processed foods, a regular dinner at our house was/were Swanson Frozen Chicken Pies.


Surely you have all tried some version of Ambrosia - not the disgusting British rice pudding-in-a-tin, but a truly heavenly concoction designed to accelerate the onset of Diabetes Type 2 (or whatever)

It is made from:

- sour cream
- dessicated coconut
- tinned mandarin oranges, drained
- mini marshmallows

Quantities are optional.
Mix and allow to mellow in fridge, then remove 10 minutes before serving to bring the temperature up.

I have also seen "recipes" for this that include pecans (these can't possibly integrate); maroschino cherries (didn't they outlaw these ? Anyway they're too harsh for the otherwise soft colour palate); pineapple chunks (might be OK if used in moderation...) mayonnaise (the item speaks for itself).

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