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April 29, 2008


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Such smart advice! As someone with a closet overflowing with piles of stuff I never wear anymore (and yet never anything to wear!), this post is an inspiration. It really is an American affliction--overbuying, hoarding, etc. The French always manage to look great and they buy very few, but very good-quality, items.


I agree with the idea of paring down. I'm definitely guilty of falling in love with clothes, buying them, and then realizing I have no use for them. But personally, I enjoy the whole "closet switch" each season. It makes me feel like I have something new to wear, even though it's just something that's been out of sight for a few months. Just last Saturday I had an afternoon wedding to go to, so I went to my "out of season" storage and dug out a long spring-green skirt. I wore the skirt a couple of times when I bought it two years ago, but didn't have occasion to wear it at all last year. I was quite happy to find it there last weekend (the fact that it could stand to be taken in a bit at the waist was a nice surprise also.) And while I was digging it out, I saw a couple of other spring-only items, like a melon sweater and another long, colorful, light-weight skirt. I'm looking forward to these things brightening my wardrobe after I do the "closet switch" this weekend.

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